Travel Award

The iGSN is excited to be offering Travel Award (up to $500) to support the presentation of interdisciplinary research at conferences/symposiums. We are currently accepting applications from our members only. You are an iGSN member as long as you are receiving our monthly newsletters.

Application Requirements:

Please read carefully.

  1. Application will only be considered after the conference has occurred; deadline is 3 months after travel.
  2. The applicant may accept up to one iGSN Travel Award per year.
  3. The applicant must be a registered iGSN member before the time of travel.**
  4. The applicant must have attended at least one council meeting or event between 12 months before the
    time of travel and the time of submission.**
  5. For flight reimbursements, original boarding passes must be included; no electronic boarding passes will
    be accepted.
  6. An electronic application should be submitted in one PDF document that contains all documents outlined
    in “Proof of Presentation” and scanned copies of “Receipts” to with subject title
    “Attn: iGSN Travel Award”.
  7. Once your electronic application has been reviewed and accepted (usually up to 2 months since
    submission), you will be requested to submit a printed application in one envelope that contains all
    documents outlined in “Proof of Presentation,” and original Receipts. Please arrange a drop-off time and
    enclose all paperwork in an envelope labeled “Attn: iGSN Travel Award”.
  8. This form must be typed; hand-written forms will not be accepted.

Application Form:

Application Tips

  • Ensure your lay summary can be understood by those outside of your field and discipline.
  • Write an accurate and concise description of how your work promotes interdisciplinary research.
  • Be as specific as possible and give examples to how the conference was interdisciplinary
  • Have someone read over your application for spelling, grammar, and clarity.
  • We encourage you to be as detailed as possible and make full use of the available word limit

Please also take a look at our sample application:

NOTE: Always submit receipts to us with a completed reimbursement request form.

Please direct your inquiries about Travel Awards to our VP Finance, Cassia Warren ( with subject title, “Attn: iGSN Travel Awards”.