Event Sponsorship

The iGSN is pleased to offer funding for graduate student events that celebrate interdisciplinary work. Research conferences, symposiums, or networking events are just some examples of events we are hoping to support. We generally offer support in the $200~$500 range. The iGSN does not retroactively fund events that has already passed.

Interested applicants are welcome to present their event at our monthly council meeting, or submit an application for funding. We strongly encourage applicants to contact the iGSN regarding the eligibility of their event prior to application. Please direct your inquiries and submit your applications to our VP CommunicationsMohammed Farooq (igsn.news@gmail.com) with the following information about your event:

  1. Name of event organizer(s)
  2. Brief description of the event
  3. Description of how the event is interdisciplinary
  4. Who the event is open to (eg, public, private, undergraduate, or graduate students)
  5. Description of how UBC graduate students will benefit from attending the event
  6. Expected attendance: Number of graduate students, and graduate programs
  7. Amount of funding requested and budget justification
  8. Other funding sources applied

Please see examples of successful event sponsorship applications here and here

If your application is successful, you will be required to submit the following:

  1. A very brief approximate breakup of the overall expense and source of funding.
  2. Itemized receipts for the funds requiring reimbursements. Please note original receipts (along with credit card slips where relevant) are required for processing the payment.
  3. A short report on the success of the event (preferably with many pictures).
  4. A short 200-250 word blurb along with 2-3 catchy pictures to disseminate the success of the event through the iGSN newsletter.

For processing the payment, please submit the completed Reimbursement Request Form to us electronically.

Previous Academic Events Sponsored:

  • Water and Environmental Student Talks (WEST) 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
  • The Universe of the Brain
  • CPhyGS career night
  • SPARK 2017
  • GrasPods R Workshop 2017
  • GMCA – Mini-MBA Workshop Series 2016
  • Curiosity Collider – Neural Constellations 2016
  • Neuroscience Debate Workshop 2016
  • GrasPods Bioinformatics Seminar Series 2016
  • Materials Engineering Career Night
  • Nexus Interdisciplinary Conference 2015
  • Strategies and Experiences with Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning by ICOPS
  • “What is Asia?” Conference 2015
  • Workshop with leaders of the Mapuche Territorial Alliance (September 2015)