About the iGSN

Greetings to all UBC Graduate Students,

The iGSN is a group of enthusiastic graduate students dedicated to fostering the interdisciplinary experience at UBC. Our mission is to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge-sharing between graduate students from different disciplines and departments.

We provide social, recreational, and professional development opportunities that cross disciplinary boundaries. When you become a member of the iGSN you are entitled to participate in the events we organize, use our services and will receive a monthly newsletter informing you of the events we organize.

We run interdisciplinary social activities throughout the year, subsidize interdisciplinary sports and recreation teams, sponsor student organized academic events, and have an interdisciplinary travel fund available for students to apply.

Another important element of the iGSN is our student-run journal Ideas, Numbers, Knowledge (INK), which truly embodies the spirit of interdisciplinary research and communication. You can participate in the editing team, write an article, or read the issues that are published periodically.

Any member is welcome to attend our monthly council meetings and participate in the decision making process, suggesting ideas and voting, as either an ordinary member or an executive.

We hope to enhance your interdisciplinary experience here at UBC, and encourage you to join the network if you have not already done se. For more information feel free to browse this web page or sign up for our monthly newsletter.

The iGSN is a separate entity from the GSS or the AMS; it has its own Constitution, By-laws, and Policies.